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Globalization of markets and increasing volatility of the global economy force companies to continuously adapt their operational activities. In situations of rapid change the speed of incremental change programs is often not adequate.
In those cases companies must take strategic decisions to re-shape their operational structure and to implement those changes within a short time period.
Fair2B is able to support the decision making process and a focused implementation.


Successful  and sustainable change requires that all employees comprehend and embrace the transformation.
Corporate communication departments quite frequently get involved too late into the strategic decision making process, in particular with regard to operational changes, which puts success and sustainability at risk.
At Fair2B we view communication as a fundamental component of transformation, which must be involved from start to finish, keeps all stakeholders up-to-date and conveys even complex issues in an understandable and sensitive manner.

Our Philosophy

Our customers‘ employees will drive the scope of change, we ensure efficiency in idea and action generation as well as implementation.
We design a simple, flexible and prompt project steering, not a second accounting system.
Actions and results are transparently communicated – for employees on all company levels.
We do not rely on short-term cosmetic measures, but we will lead substainable systematical change.


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